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Rijeka 2020 – Port of Diversity: Invitation for Programme Proposals published

The Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka published the Invitation for Programme Proposals that will be an integral part of the bid of Rijeka for the European Capital of Culture 2020.

The Department of Culture has undertaken a series of activities for the preparation of the candidacy, including the drafting of the candidacy concept, which is based on the subjects of Work, Diversity and Water, unified under the umbrella subject of  Port. Pursuant to the Rijeka candidacy concept, the following slogan was proposed:

Rijeka 2020 – Luka razli?itosti/Rijeka 2020 – Port of Diversity

Along with the Port, the subjects of Work, Diversity and Water create a narrative on the city’s particularities, its past, present and future, and present values that are deeply woven into the historical identity of Rijeka, both literally and metaphorically. At the same time, they also reflect the foundations of the European Union: multiculturalism, diversity, respect for otherness, openness to dialogue and cooperation. Regardless of political will and democratic tradition, these values are naturally not guaranteed forever. On the contrary, precisely due to the real and constant danger of being jeopardised, especially in the circumstances of long-term economic crisis, they should be defended by consideration, evaluation and representation from the artistic and cultural perspective.

The said determinants of the Port, Work, Diversity and Water should serve not only as a starting point for the story about our city and its bonds with Europe, but also for setting exceptionally important and urgent issues, such as the position and future of work and workers, the issue of work as art and art as work, the concern over water as an endangered resource, the questioning of our and European multiculturalism and interculturalism, etc.

Proposals and any additional questions related to the Invitation for Programme Proposals can be sent to the address or the official Facebook page. The deadline for applicants to submit proposals is 15 January 2015.

Here you can find:

Foto: Magdalena Rikanovi? – Ri Rock Music Box