At its 28th session held on 23 June 2016, The Government of the Republic of Croatia formally accepted the Final Report of the Panel of independent experts for the selection of the European Capital of Culture. With this decision, the City of Rijeka has been officially pronounced the European Capital of Culture 2020.


This decision has been anticipated since March when Steve Green, the president of the Selection Panel, announced at a press conference that Rijeka should bear the title of European Capital of Culture. The Selection Panel’s Final Report elaborating its decision was released in April .

The decision to name Rijeka the European Capital of Culture based on the Selection Panel’s recommendation was included on the Government’s agenda today. Rijeka thus became the first Croatian city to hold this prestigious title. The next opportunity for a Croatian city will be in the distant 2033, and it is now up to us to realize a successful project that will represent not only Rijeka and its culture, but Croatia as a whole. Rijeka now has full right to boast the title of European Capital of Culture 2020.