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Sanvincenti visits Lovranska Draga for the second time

The Lungomare flagship of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project will display permanent artworks at 10 locations in the Kvarner region. All of the works of art deal with certain specificities of the location in which they are installed, with the guiding principle to concentrate on the specificity that is important to the local population, that which they themselves consider to be pressing and important, and which links the past to the present to some extent.

Over the last few days, the artist Davor Sanvincenti has visited Lovranska Draga, the location where he will install his artwork, for the second time. Sanvincenti used this opportunity to become more familiar with the local community by interacting with the people of Lovranska Draga. In addition to the history of the village, they have talked about the lives of the residents of this picturesque region then and now.

With the purpose of thoroughly understanding the location he selected for the research process, that will ultimately result in a permanent art installation, they have mostly discussed Sanvincenti’s ideas that rely on the concept of the relationship and historical cohabitation between humans and nature, which is best exemplified in Lovranska Draga. Sanvincenti’s artwork will be installed near the hiking trail Medveja – Lovranska Draga – Vojak in Lovranska Draga, that stretches from the seashore to the summit of Mount Učka.