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Smiljan Radić and Marcela Correa visit Baška

The Lungomare Art flagship is building monuments for the future. It is setting up 11 permanent artistic sculptures and installations in 10 locations along the coasts and islands of Kvarner.

All this artwork touches upon certain specifics of the area and is inspired by stories that are relevant to the local population but impossible to find in any of the usual Tourist Board brochures. Apart from the aesthetic, the works of art also have a functional value – some of them will be transformed into resting areas, playgrounds and spaces for conversing and learning.

One of the 11 permanent artistic sculptures will find its home in Baška, and it will be built by the world-renowned Chilean architect of Croatian descent Smiljan Radić, accompanied by the Chilean sculptor Marcela Correa.

Last week they visited the future location of the sculpture, which will blend in perfectly with the fascinating system of walls on the hill above Baška.

Photo: Kristijan Vučković