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Sweet & Salt

Discussion about the Sweet & Salt flagship at Mali salon at 17h

sweet & salt

At the Presentation Centre Rijeka 2020 at Korzo we will host a discussion about the flagship Sweet & Salt. Idis Turato, one of the key figures in this flagship will present this flagship as well as to how the citizens and the local producers can be involved in urban revitalisation of the city.

Even though the first things that come to mind might be big and expensive construction plans, this project is intended to facilitate cooperation between citizens and their needs with artists. With in situ projects, this cooperation will enrich the area where river meets the sea.

Nadija Mustapi?, The Moving Crew, 2010., fragment
Sweet & Salt flagship | Photo: Nadija Mustapi?, The Moving Crew, 2010., fragment

You can read about the Sweet & Salt flagship by following the link (also, you can click on the photo). As a motivation, we’re quoting Ide Križaj Leko who has been, along with Turato, working on this flagship:

In Hartera, through Delta, and recently on Molo Longo, during the past 10 years we’ve been witnessing different project ideas and visions. Let’s make some of them happen. Haven’t we spent enough time just commenting and criticising on social media? This is THE moment, the moment when we make these things happen and involve all of our citizens!

The discussion/presentation begins at 17h, followed by Sporedni Grad’s concert (Tea Tuli? and Enver Krivac duo). See you there!

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