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The 2018 Annual Croatian Architects’ Works Exhibition

The Croatian Architects’ Association, in co-production with the Rijeka Architects’ Association (RAA), DeltaLab and the Sweet & Salt flagship, which is a part of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project, bring a very interesting exhibition to Rijeka on 28 March.

The exhibition, which will be installed in the DeltaLab facility in the Ivex building on Delta, will present architectural projects completed during 2018. Another part of the exhibition will feature the annual awards of the Croatian Architects’ Association.

The works entered in the 2018 Annual Croatian Architects’ Works Exhibition will be evaluated by an expert panel comprised of international guests, Pippo Ciorra (Italy), Maruša Zorec (Slovenia), and Vedran Mimica (USA), as well as Croatian members of the Expert Council of the CAA, Ana Šverko, Maroje Mrduljaš, and the coordinator, Ana Mrđa.

Works that will be presented in the annual exhibition are competing for the annual awards – the “Viktor Kovačić” award for the best work in all fields of architectural creation, the “Drago Galić” award for the best work in the field of residential architecture, the “Bernardo Bernardi” award for the best work in the field of design and interior design, and the “Neven Šegvić” award for the best non-fictional, critical, scientific and theoretical work on architecture.

The exhibition will be open until 28 April.