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The Furioza Cycle starts on 15 June with a free concert by the band Punčke on the Delta

The Kitchen flagship presents a new musical programme – the Furioza Cycle. This summer, four superb open-air venues in Rijeka will see concerts by female musicians, representing various musical genres.

The first summer season of the Furioza Cycle opens on Friday, 15 June, with the concert by the energetic post-punk band Punčke, whose Rijeka concert straddles their recent successful European and their Asian tour announced for this autumn.

The Punčke performance will, among other things, feature new material from the recently released EP Waves (Valovi), as well as their new drummer Goran Nježić, who with Lucija Ivšić (vocals, guitar) and Anja Tkalec (bass) forms the successful trio. The open-air concert will be held in the industrial zone, the so-called Delta 5, in front of the former Ivex building, as part of the afternoon and evening event Delta Open.


The Delta open programme starts late in the afternoon when the tenants of the Delta 5 building – cultural associations, artists, musicians, architects and others – will introduce themselves to all interested visitors through plays, screenings, workshops, lectures, performances and studio open-door events enabling visitors to meet and ‘chat with the artists’.

Participants of the programme are: RE:EASA, the Rijeka Mountaineering Association, Artists Run Space – Delta 5, ProPuh, Croatian National Theatre “Ivan pl. Zajc” Rijeka, the Acting and Media undergraduate course – UniRi, the Spoons and Guitar band (Žlice i gitara) and the Pensioners Association. In the yard in front of the building, ‘workers’ gastronomy’ dishes will be served with the music accompaniment by DJ Ana Antonova. After nightfall in the Delta, the Punčke concert will begin. The programme is completely free of charge for visitors.