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Ticket sale starts for the Che Sudaka and Gustafi concert at Pogon kulture

As part of its flagship programme The Kitchen and on the occasion of International Migrants Day, Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture organises special programmes – one of them is the Che Sudaka and Gustafi concert at the Pogon kulture on Friday, 21 December at 8.30 PM.

Ticket presale starts on Monday, 5 November through the Entrio system with a 48-hour presale of an unlimited number of early-bird tickets for the price of HRK 50.00:

5.-7.11. –50,00 kn
8.11.-1.12. –60,00 kn
1.-20.12. –70,00 kn
21.12. – 90,00 kn

Che Sudaka is an Argentinian-Spanish reggae-ska band formed in the early 2000s in Barcelona by street musicians – illegal immigrants from Argentina and Colombia. During one of their performances, they were approached by the ex-singer of Mano Negra who helped them record their first studio album and launch their career. The band members explained the band name themselves – In Argentina we were proud Argentinians, but when we came to Europe we felt mostly like Sudaka (Southerners): Argentinians, Chileans, Ecuadorians, Peruvians… We felt we all came from the same world. The world “che” means “friend”, and is used when you want to tell someone to get a move on, to collect and focus his energy. When talking about their music, the band members cite different influences and role models: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Todos tus Muertos, Mano Negra, Rubén Blades, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sumo, Cafe Tauba, Manu Chao, Macaco, Ojos de Brujo, Dusminguet… “Sin Papeles” (Undocumented) is their signature song and the band’s motto. The songs theme is: if you’re not in “the system”, you simply don’t exist in Europe in the sense of universal human rights. The band’s other songs are also socially engaged. The band members are Kachafaz, Sergio Morales, Leo, Anthrax, Jota and Cordobes.

Gustafi were formed in 1980 in Vodnjan by Edi and Vlado Maružin, Čedomir Mošnja, Igor Arih and Livio Morosin under the name Gustaph and his good ghosts. The number of band members is not permanent – the band’s core was often supplemented by musicians from Istria and Rijeka. They held their first concert on 27 December 1980. At first they played a combination of new wave and avantgarde music and even performed at the Zagreb Musical Biennale in 1983. Their first album, titled “V”, was recorded in 1985 in independent production, and between 1985 and 1991 the band played commercial music at local festivals. By blending rock, Istrian folk music and rebel poetry in the Čakavian dialect with a tex-mex sound, they created a unique musical style. Songs like “Brkica” and “Kega si sanjala“ paved their road to popularity. Their album “Tutofato” (1994) promoted them into leading figures of the “ča” wave. Their intense concert activity, numerous hits, as well as scenic and visual identities marked by informality and spontaneity led them to the top of the Croatian music scene. Their performances are always a blast and loads of fun. Currently the band consists of the following members: Edi Maružin (vocals, guitar), Čedomir Mošnja (drums), Jimi Grgić (guitar), Gianluca Antonini (bass guitar), Alen Peruško (accordion), Bernarda Ravnić (vocals), Boris Mohorić (trumpet), Luka Horvat (trumpet), Antun Ferenčić (trombone), Aldo Foško (clarinet, keyboards) and Petar Matošević (saxophone).