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“Where are the socks?” – sensory theatre for babies in Rijeka

On Friday, 19 January, the Rijeka City Puppet Theatre will perform the first sensory performance for babies called “Where are the socks?”

This is a form of performance art which is a combination of a theatre dance performance with animated elements and an audio-visual spatial installation, in order to introduce children up to three years of age to the world of theatre on a sensory level.

The show was designed and directed by Mila Čuljak, and the scenography, costumes and visual identity were designed by Mejra Mujičić. Performers and co-authors Alex Đaković, Damir Orlić and David Petrović spend the performance on the floor with the young audience who join the performance in the last, interactive part.

The music, composed by famous Croatian blues musician Adam Semijalac (Bebe na Vole) was created in the pentatonic scale as it was determined that it suits children of that age the best. Props were also selected based on results of research about children’s interests and needs, such as the colour of scenography and flooring.

“Where are the socks?” will be performed in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and it is the first part of the “Sweet Theatre” programme, as part of the Rijeka 2020 – ECOC Brick House flagship.

It is interesting to note that the space within the museum where this show is going to be performed once served as a nursery for the kids of the former Rikard Benčić factory’s employees.

Advanced performances will be held on 18 January at 5 and 6 PM, and the premiere performance on the following day.

You can find more information on the Rijeka City Puppet Theatre’s website.