Inspired by work as a thematic unit of the City of Rijeka’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2020 concept proposal and the wish and need to include the activities of educational institutions in the creative processes of preparation, the programme named “Work as a Gift” was designed and will be conducted by Izabela Peculić. The name of the project is a word-play in Croatian (“Rad kao dar”), but it represents serious and important terms for education and the future life of young people.

In the search for a link between those words, creativity and encouragement for artistic deliberation and creation is imposed. The planned art workshops will provide an interactive path towards idea forming, with the objective of working with our hearts because a work of art will eventually become a gift.

In correlation with other courses, we would search for material and non-material sides of art gifts. The selection of techniques and motifs will be adapted to the students’ age and harmonised with the existing educational tasks.

With the wish to inform as many different stakeholders and citizens as possible about the candidacy and include them in the process of the preparation of the City of Rijeka’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2020, a series of programmes jointly called “Towards the European Capital of Culture in Rijeka’s Elementary Schools and Kindergartens” has been in motion since May 2014 in Rijeka’s elementary schools and kindergartens, which are very important stakeholders in the project.

Schools and kindergartens in Rijeka are our crucial partners, both in the preparation for the candidacy and in programme implementation. The response of representatives of the schools and kindergartens in Rijeka shows that there exists a mutual intention, with the same wish to promote the rich cultural life in Rijeka, as well as to create a positive energy in the city by participating in cultural activities appropriate for the age and interests of the youngest generation, which will become a very important participant of the manifestation in 2020.