On Sunday, 17 December, Rijeka 2020 ECOC presented the pilot issue of Brickzine – a new online magazine about culture, art and creativity for kids and parents, which can be found at brickzine.rijeka2020.eu.

This is a digital issue of a magazine which will be printed in 2018 as part of the Brick House flagship. Its editors include creative minds from the Rijeka City Library, Art-kino, Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Benčić Youth Council, with support from Rijeka 2020 and external associates.

“Brickzine is made by a relatively young and fresh team of authors and experts in different fields such as children’s development, free time and learning. The aim is to both create and encourage the rise of a new generation of experts and creators of high-quality contents for kids, parents and experts in education,” says Kristian Benić, head of marketing and projects of the Rijeka City Library, editor of the Rijeka City Library Magazine, and Brickzine editor-in-chief.

“The team currently includes authors from across the country: Jelena Perva (author of the “Hrkalo” picture book series and “Brbljava Iva” children’s book), Nevena Zuber (manager of the Knjiguljica children’s bookstore), Ivana Golob Mihić (Benčić Youth Council project manager), Mila Čuljak (dance pedagogue interested in working with kids with special needs), Ana Smokrović (blogger – “Anino povrće” – and urban gardening enthusiast), Vedran Vivoda (expert in video game development), Anda Bukvić Pažin (“U novoroditeljskom žanru” blogger and project manager), Vanja Kulaš (literary critic and librarian), Saša Škalamera (president of the Young Robots association and expert in “makers” children’s projects), Marija Ott Franolić (Blaberon association for reading and development of critical thinking), ArtMašina Creative Atelier (craftsmanship and painting), Nina Majcan (“Urbani separe” initiative activist), Miroslav Cmuk (school librarian, comic book expert and author of “Stripizam”), Gorana Stipeč Brlić (head of the Rijeka Architects Association Youth Division), Martina Čip Škulić and Nina Raimann (solution architects), Dragan Kordić (illustrator)…

Logically, the circle of associates, aesthetics, type of contents and sensibility will increase as the project is further developed”, continues Benić.

The topics covered by Brickzine will be in line with the editorial team’s references and experience. It will include recommendations for books and comics, films, shows, games and activities, robotics, ecology, 3D printing, civil education, socially useful activities…

Additionally, in accordance with the Brick House flagship motto – With them, not just for them – over time the creation of content will be extended to kids in order to encourage their informal education and active participation in society, based on non-consumerist principles.

The online issue of Brickzine was presented at Trg Svete Barbare during Mali Buvljak, an event for kids and parents organized by the civil initiative “Urbani separe”.