About the project

Nestled between the Mediterranean, Central European and Eastern European influences, Rijeka has been part of as many as seven different countries over the past century of its development. A small-scale Europe of sorts, it has become a place for dynamic life, a symbol of the spirit of libertarian and progressive ideas, and a city where everyone is always welcome.

As part of the European Capital of Culture project in 2020, Rijeka is building and opening new cultural buildings and facilities, which are co-financed by EU funds, and offering over 600 cultural, art and other events that involve more than 250 cultural institutions and organisations from Croatia and 40 other countries from Europe and the rest of the world.

What is ECoC?

ECoC - European Capital of Culture, a coveted title and European cultural project that encompasses the renovation of cultural buildings and an extensive year-round cultural and art programme.

Buildings renovation

What is being renovated, built and refurbished as part of the Rijeka 2020 - ECoC project?

Cultural programme

Courage, uniqueness, progressiveness and ambition are values that are embedded in the Port of Diversity programme concept and reflected in the programme events.

Partner project

There are over 250 organisations from Croatia and abroad listed as co-organisers, co-producers and partners in the organisation of the cultural programme. Add to that a large number of citizens involved in the project in various ways, as well as numerous project sponsors.

Project legacy

Immediately after submitting their candidacy, Rijeka approached the ECoC project taking into account its transformation as much as the culture and arts programme and the context of the future cultural offering of the city, as well as the people who will continue developing culture even after 2020.