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ic-date-accent today 4/4
Programme Plus

POSTPONED! Vision string quartet (DE)

The most sought after string quartet in Europe performs in Croatia for the very first time, bringing together a new and traditional classical music audience.

ic-date-accent 12/9 - 31/1
Times of Power

D’Annunzio’s Martyr exhibition

Forming part of the pre-programme of the "Borders – Between Order and Chaos", this exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of d'Annunzio's occupation of Rijeka by personifying the city as a woman and alluding to his many mistresses, who were left physically and emotionally drained after he ended their relationship, just like the city of Rijeka

ic-date-accent 6/12 - 31/1
Times of Power

Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka is holding an exhibition entitled “Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona“ to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Franjo Kresnik, “the man who read violins”, a Rijeka native who made violins and cracked the code to making the…

ic-date-accent 29/1 - 31/1
Times of Power

Environment of Remembrance – Art as a Resistance to Repression

The works of selected artists, who produced their artworks as a reaction to what they had seen following a visit to the camp on Goli Otok, will be presented on large posters throughout Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

ic-date-accent 31/1 - 20/4
Programme Plus

With the Collection – David Maljković (HR)

An exhibition which transforms the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art into a live collective body by exhibiting it with numerous interactions, with people and events.

ic-date-accent 29/2 - 31/12
Times of Power

A Skyscraper for Birds – Vladimir Perić Talent (RS)

A new building in a residential district. Superb design, elegant and functional apartments. Close to the sea. All birds are welcome, regardless of species and marital status.

ic-date-accent 16/3 - 31/12
Green Wave

POSTPONED! Green Pavilions

A green-urban intervention over city surfaces.

ic-date-accent 21/3 - 13/6
Children’s House

POSTPONED! The Happy Little House – Ivana Đula (HR), Milica Sinkauz (HR) and Morana Dolenc (HR)

A travelling puppet show for the youngest inspired by the story of the establishment of a little library in Gorski Kotar.

ic-date-accent 26/3 - 16/4

POSTPONED! Red School – Dubravka Ugrešić (HR)

With an exhibition inspired by a collection of spelling books the well-known writer also introduces herself as an artist in a different genre to the wider public.

ic-date-accent 27/3 - 17/5

POSTPONED! Do Plants have Dreams about the Future? – Igor Eškinja (HR)

The artist transformed the samples of plants from abandoned industrial spaces into design patterns to create a new space, telling a story about the plants that live in manmade spaces made possible for life by his absence.

ic-date-accent 1 - 30/4
Children’s House

POSTPONED! The Month of Good Children’s Books

The Month of Good Children’s Books, as the largest regional celebration of the youngest readers, in the city library Rijeka 2020 gathers together a series of creative and educational workshops, walks, book games and guest appearances.