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ic-date-accent today 1 - 4/10
Sweet & Salt

Vector Hack Festival

Vector Hack is an international bi-annual multimedia festival of analogue vector graphics taking place in October 2020, and bring together Croatian and international artists, programmers and engineers who use oscilloscopes and lasers in their audio-visual art.

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27 Neighbourhoods

Zoom Cooking Class

A pandemic is no time to travel from Lithuania to Croatia and back, but luckily, we have some amazing tech to help us out. We’ll meet up on Zoom, each in the comfort of their own home, and hang out virtually while preparing mushroom soup for dinner.

ic-date-accent today 1 - 3/10
Kitchen of Diversity

Porto Etno – the Festival of World Music and Gastronomy 2020

This year, the fourth annual Porto Etno Festival will once again live up to its nomadic reputation with completely new locations – from 1 to 3 October, the Croatian House of Culture in Sušak, the Neboder Hotel terrace, and the square outside the School of Construction, will be the venues for meetings, music, and great…

ic-date-accent 12/9 - 31/1
Times of Power

D’Annunzio’s Martyr exhibition

Forming part of the pre-programme of the "Borders – Between Order and Chaos", this exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of d'Annunzio's occupation of Rijeka by personifying the city as a woman and alluding to his many mistresses, who were left physically and emotionally drained after he ended their relationship, just like the city of Rijeka

ic-date-accent 6/12 - 31/1
Times of Power

Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka is holding an exhibition entitled “Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona“ to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Franjo Kresnik, “the man who read violins”, a Rijeka native who made violins and cracked the code to making the…

ic-date-accent 29/1 - 31/1
Times of Power

Environment of Remembrance – Art as a Resistance to Repression

The works of selected artists, who produced their artworks as a reaction to what they had seen following a visit to the camp on Goli Otok, will be presented on large posters throughout Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

ic-date-accent 29/2 - 31/12
Times of Power

A Skyscraper for Birds – Vladimir Perić Talent (RS)

A new building in a residential district. Superb design, elegant and functional apartments. Close to the sea. All birds are welcome, regardless of species and marital status.

ic-date-accent 5/6 - 31/12
Green Wave

Green Pavilions

A green-urban intervention over city surfaces.

ic-date-accent 26/6 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

By the Mill – Davor Sanvincenti (HR)

An artistic intervention – a pavilion of local chestnut wood and stone on the trail that connects the sea and the mountain.

ic-date-accent 3/7 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Strokes and Incisions – Sofie Thorsen (DK/AT)

An artistic intervention in the form of stone structure which becomes a gathering place in the small park next to the bocce court.

ic-date-accent 10/7 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Masters – Pavel Mrkus (CZ)

Digital images and a sound composition flow, like the waves of the sea, over the voices of sellers and buyers.

ic-date-accent 18/7 - 31/12