We are aware that you are interested in learning all the details about the current state and the future of the European Capital of Culture project. So, as promised, we are launching a series of public get-togethers, the Growing Together campaign, for direct conversations with you, the direct people.

Starting on 16 November, each Thursday, at Mali Salon on Korzo, in front of Radio Rijeka, or in the Rijeka Public Reading Room in case of bad weather, you will be able to find ECOC tandems who will answer your questions about the project. The first tandem will be Rijeka 2020 art director Slaven Tolj and public relations manager Jelena Androić.

In order to better understand how we can cooperate, we have to talk directly as much as possible. We want to hear your expectations, and we also want to tell you our plans. There’s no better way than directly, face to face, so we invite you to visit us at Mali Salon on Korzo every week.

These conversations won’t be panels or forums, they will be smaller, more intimate get-togethers. Don’t worry, everyone will get the chance to participate because this will take place every week.

See you at Mali Salon on Thursday at 4 PM!