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Berlin clubbing sounds echoed through Rijeka’s legendary Hartera

Nine regional and international DJs stirred up the atmosphere on two floors at the Hartera Revisited party, which took place on Saturday on the site of Rijeka’s former paper factory.

The party went on far into the night, with more than 700 visitors enjoying the groove. Dr. Rubinstein and Elena Colombi’s Berlin clubbing sounds thrilled the audience at their first ever DJ gig in Rijeka. The Hartera Revisited Party, jointly organised by Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture and the Crkva Dance and Night Club Rijeka, was strongly reminiscent of Hartera’s best days, with its top-notch atmosphere, strong visuals and outstanding music selection. In the electronica-charged ambience of a hot summer’s night, many visitors were also able to enjoy a third “chill” floor.

The lively atmosphere was further electrified by the great sets and dynamic mixes from regional DJ stars Joma Maja, Bronski, Igorritza, Life4Funk, Boo Dale and Marko Vuković, as well as from Rijeka’s young and talented DJ Kasja. In spite of it being only the second gig of her budding DJ career, she managed to demonstrate the power of Rijeka’s new underground scene to the fullest.

The Furioza floor DJ shows were complemented by the artistic visuals of Objekts Objekts, the alias of artist Edvin Šabanović from Rijeka.

The party at Hartera is part of the Rijeka 2020 ECoC’s Furioza Cycle, which showcases music by female musicians who push boundaries, challenge genres, and construct new and exciting musical worlds. With this cycle, the European Capital of Culture shines the spotlight on the brave women in music who deliver songs with a message and change the world.

You can catch a glimpse of the atmosphere at the Hartera Revisited Party by flipping through the photo gallery below.