We’re turning the old boat Uragan into a children’s playground with a view of Balthazartown!

The old boat Uragan (which means “hurricane”) which after the destruction of the Second World War helped rebuild Rijeka’s port, now deservedly rests calmly next to the sea.

It is situated on a favourite Rijeka promenade, the Molo Longo breakwater, from where there extends a unique view of the city. Since the very look of Rijeka and the atmosphere of the port and the working city served as an inspiration for the animated film series Professor Balthazar, the wish is to draw the attention of walkers towards the vista of the city of Rijeka. A series of temporary, artistic interventions and their playful and interactive nature, turn the boat and the area around it into new place for play, socialising and relaxing, as well as place of intergenerational interaction on the port’s favourite port promenade, with a view of Balthazartown.

The interactive and playful nature of the artistic works fit into the value system of the Children’s House flagship, and the spatial intervention on the breakwater is naturally recognised as part of the Sweet & Salt flagship.