Lungomare Art Lovranska Draga

An artistic intervention – a pavilion of local chestnut wood and stone on the trail that connects the sea and the mountain.

Located high in the Učka mountain chain, the little settlement of Lovranska Draga due to its geographical position nurtures a strong connection between man and nature. One of the key reasons that this place was settled is the abundance and quality of the natural source of water. The need for communication and trade with the town of Lovran and other settlements on the coast led to a network of various paths in this region – from wide stone ones down which pack animals passed, to mountain trails to pasture, to little drystone bridges which were built due to the frequent torrents.

Davor Sanvincenti’s concept is based on the idea of the creation of a space which, through the processes of integration in the already existing Lovranska Draga environment, becomes a place to meet and rest as well as a place to learn about the specifics of this area.

The project is realised through the construction of a pavilion on the remains of an old mill located on the hiking trail in Lovranska Draga, which stretches from the coast to the peak of Mount Učka, and it is built from the natural materials from the immediate surroundings – from chestnut wood, known as “marun”, and the local stone. Thanks to the specific position of the south window, there is an unusual interplay of sunbeams and water during spring and fall equinox.

Using the phenomenology of the relationship between man and nature, the concept of the structure materialises an idea about a place of rest and refreshment, i.e. a natural shelter that offers the possibility to meet passers-by and the local people. Its importance is contained in the reflections and exchange of social and ecological themes which are important for the area of Lovranska Draga and its inhabitants.

Many thanks to Arsen Brumnjak for the maruns!