The Festival of Sustainability spreads the philosophy and practice of self-sustainability through workshops that provide practical suggestions and knowledge on how to become independent in different areas of daily life. The festival will be held on Friday and Saturday, 18 and 19 September, at the Natural History Museum and Vladimir Nazor Park, respectively.

The topics covered in the workshops are building with natural materials, natural farming, and preserving the biodiversity of our food by cultivating our own seed banks of old varieties. Other topics include bread making, identifying wild edible plants and their healing properties, using wild plants in the kitchen, as well as home composting.

Visitors can exchange knowledge and ideas in a relaxing natural environment, with pleasant ethno and ambient music and delicious, locally sourced food. For the younger family members, we have organised a Play in Nature with a Nature programme that will be facilitated by the local Primorje scout unit.

We are operating within the Zero Waste principle, as well as the Do It Yourself and Do It With Others methods, that engage the community in participating in and creating a more sustainable future that resides on mutual collaboration and respect.

The workshops are free of charge to all visitors. You can sign up for the workshops at the info point.


Friday, 18 September

6.30 p.m. – Festival opening ceremony and screening of the film The Power of Community

7 p.m. – Lecture: What has to be sustainable for the house to be sustainable?, Veljko Armano Linta, MA in Archaeology

8 p.m. – Lecture: The hidden world of the eco-village, Ana Armano Linta, MA in Design


Saturday, 19 September

10 a.m. – Natural building workshop, Goran Brumnić Mex

10 a.m. – Cooking show – presentation workshop: Wild edible plants of our region, Stipe Kristić

10 a.m. – 6 p.m. – Children’s programme: Play in Nature with Nature, Primorje scout unit

10 a.m. – 6 p.m. – Zero Waste workshop, Radmila Rakas, Čistoća Utility Company et. al.

11 a.m. – Workshop: Gardening in harmony with nature, Hrvoje Novosel

11 a.m. – Tour of the Natural History Museum’s Botanical Garden, Željka Modrić Surina

12 p.m. – Lecture: What are Solidarity Exchange Groups, Irena Barić

12.30 p.m. – Workshop: How to preserve the seeds of old varieties, Rudolf Pereglin

2 p.m. – Cooking show – presentation workshop: Healthy bread one step at a time, Snježana Janković

3 p.m. – Workshop: The wisdom of plants, Marta Blažević

4 p.m. – Worksop: Composting on your doorstep, Cvijeta Biščević

4 p.m. – Tour of the Natural History Museum’s Botanical Garden, Željka Modrić Surina

Chef Željko will be preparing tasty veggie meals on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.