TENSIONS (psych. mental or emotional tension; exertion, strain; phys. electrical potential or voltage) is a micro festival of adventurous and experimental audiovisual performances and educational workshops, showcasing avant-garde narratives at specific locations in Rijeka by constantly seeking something new, indefinite and undefined. TENSIONS comprises of an educational, art and club programme by European and national performers.


MASTERCLASS Mastering w/ Zarkoff
DeltaLab (Delta 5), 11 am
Free entrance
Saša Rajković, who is best known for his electronic project Zarkoff, owns the Sensorium studio where he does mastering for record companies such as Creme Organization, Raw Culture, Return To Disorder, Endless Illusion, and others. He has provided various audio services for 250 music releases, TV shows and films. As part of this masterclass, he will introduce the subject matter, terminology and procedures to the participants and guide them through practical work. It is intended for a small group of no more than 10 attendees.
PROGRAMME & REGISTRATIONhttps://forms.gle/hjowycNNR5pjuu4j8

LIVE Fantastic Twins (Microdosing/Optimo Music) & Ivan Marušić Kliff
Exportdrvo (Grobnička Riva bb), 9 pm
Entrance: HRK 50.00
The main A/V event will see a performance by Fantastic Twins, a live act by Julienne Dessagne, a French producer and owner of the record company Microdosing. Her psychedelic avant–electronica provides a deep and propulsive narrative, while guiding the audience through an imaginary stylistic library of personal stories permeated by elements of dance music. Dessagne is completely immersed in the world of electronic music. She started her solo project in 2013. Since then, she has released records on renowned labels, such as Optimo Music, Hippie Dance and Kompakt Records and featured on Weaponize Your Sound’s compilation of music produced by women. Her EP New You firmly established Dessagne’s reputation as a master of avant-garde sound, as did her debut Obakodomo, a sound recording of a contemporary dance performance.
The visual stage design will be provided by Ivan Marušić Klif, one of the most notable experimental authors in the Croatian media art scene. He is involved in making kinetic, light and video installations and occasionally performance art. He does music and sound for theatre, film, television and music projects. Klif has exhibited and performed in Europe and the USA (Mapping Festival, Geneva; Ars Electronica, Linz; Kibla, Maribor; Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana). He is the recipient of the Excellence Award in Performance design at the Prague Quadrennial, Vladimir Nazor Award for Best Exhibition, People’s Choice Award at T-HTnagrada@msu.hr and an award at the 26th Youth Salon. He won the Award for Best Audiovisual Art Production at Marulić Days for his work on the collective play of The Love Affair of Fahrija P. Klif is also the initiator and director of the Vector Hack Festival. The introduction and ambience will be provided by TIPSY rezident di.merkl.

CLUBBING w/ Mia & Mimi
Manual, 11 pm
Entrance: members only
The dancing resumes at club Manual with Mimi, a member of the Ekstrakt collective from Zagreb, who throughout the years has made a name for himself as a top-notch selector and technician. In addition to regular gigs at all the major clubs in Zagreb and festivals, he has also played DJ sets in Berlin, London, Paris and the entire region. He will be sharing the booth with Mia, who has an eclectic taste and a fondness for vinyl. Mia is currently active in the scene, from Hamburg to Rijeka.