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Edo Popović: “April u Bašćanskoj dolini” (Baška)

Authorial Boras


Baška was used as the inspiration for the story “April u Bašćanskoj dolini” (“April in Baška valley”) by: Edo Popovic


Perhaps the most important tourist destination of the island of Krk, Baška is gravel beaches and its most famous feature is the archaeological site of the Baška tablet, a monument of the Croatian recension of the Church Slavonic language, in the nearby Jurandvor.
The particularities of the Baška landscape and its surrounding area are the “mrgari”, unique and extremely rare examples of dry stone walls used for sheep housing, or the so-called “gromača” dry stone walls with a flower-shaped layout. Apart from the very south of the island of Krk, the floral “mrgari” can only be found in two more places in the world: Wales and Iceland.
According to the most recent census of 2011, the municipality of Baška is inhabited by almost 1,700 people, 1,000 of those residing in Baška itself.


Edo Popović

Edo Popović is a Croatian author born in Livno in 1957. He studied Comparative Literature and South Slavic Languages at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Zagreb.
So far, he has published the following novels: “Mjesečev meridijan” (“The Moon Meridian”) in 2015, “Lomljenje vjetra” (“The Breaking of the Wind”) in 2011, “Oči” (“Eyes”) in 2007, “Igrači” (“The Players”) in 2006, “Izlaz Zagreb jug” (“Exit Zagreb-South”) in 2003, non-ficion “U Velebitu” (“Inside Velebit”) in 2013, “Priručnik za hodače” (“The Walkers’ Handbook”) in 2009, “Kameni pas” (“The Stone dog”) in 2001, as well as the following short story collections: “Tetovirane priče” (“Tattooed Stories”) in 2006, in collaboration with Igor Hofbauer, “San žutih zmija” (“The Dream of the Yellow Snakes”) in 2000, and “Ponoćni boogie” (“Midnight Boogie”) in 1987. His books were translated into a dozen languages.
Nowadays, his places of residence are Zagreb and Stranica Gornja in the valley of Ribnik.


The programme was implemented with the support of the Polo line tourist agency and in cooperation with the Municipality of Baška, the Municipality of Baška Tourist Board and the Sinjali Baška Society.