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Letter from the Mayor for Culture, City of Aarhus

Mayor Vojko Obersnel
Ms. Emina Višnić, CEO

Dear both,

I am sending this note to express my sympathy and compassion to the city of Rijeka and to the Rijeka 2020 organization.

The global covid-19 crisis is impacting all areas of life – regrettably also our cultural life. To be the European Capital of Culture is a once in a lifetime experience for a city. In Aarhus we had the privilege in 2017, and it was a year, we will never forget.
2020 will for sure be a year that will go into history. For Rijeka 2020, the journey, which started a long time ago, has taken an unexpected turn. Hopefully later this year, you will be able to realize some of the beautiful projects, that you have planned for your year.

In Aarhus we appreciate the friendship and partnership with the European Capitals of Culture. It was a pleasure to experience your opening event firsthand, and I look forward to re-igniting the cultural collaboration across borders, once society re-opens.

Kind regards,
Rabih Azad-Ahmad
Mayor for Culture, City of Aarhus