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“MAKE A MOVE” is coming to Rijeka

During the Rijeka Lab, artists will develop ideas into works of art that local audiences will be able to view on Tuesday, 17th September 2019 in the form of an work in progress presentation at the following locations: shop windows of Varteks department store at St. Barbara’s Square, the rooftop of the shopping mall Robna kuća RI and at the Fenice Theatre – Opera Hall.

We are pleased to present the Rijeka Lab  – “Site-specific Theatre Practices and Audiencesas part of the MAKE A MOVE – An Art incubator for non-institutionalised and physical theatre that will be held in Rijeka from 10th to 19th September 2019.

Rijeka Lab is organised and hosted by the Creative Laboratory of Contemporary theatre KRILA, and it is part of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture programme, Kitchen flagship – Center for Creative Migrations. MAKE A MOVE is part of the wider project “Unreal Cities”, developed under the European Capital of Culture programme – Rijeka 2020: Port of Diversity, Kitchen flagship.


“Rijeka Lab  – Site-specific Theatre Practices and Audiences

“Rijeka Lab – Site-specific Theatre Practices and Audiences” is comprised of two modules: Artistic and Business Module through which the perspective of audience development is imbued. The entire Lab will be facilitated by a range of international and local artistic collaborators and business experts, and will feature ten international artists and ten local and regional artists from nine European countries (Austria, Croatia, France, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain).

Artistic Module

The Artistic Module will focus on the exchange of different contemporary performance practices and approaches within the context of site-specific theatre. It is based on co-creation methodology and is divided in two distinctive parts:

– the first part  (11th-14th Sep):  aims at interacting with specific sites and creating an artistic expression from it as: methodology of work, performative works, sketches, proposals or what we have not envisaged yet.

– the second part (15th-17th Sep): aims at further developing the ideas into artistic works led by resident artists in collaboration with ten local and regional artists Those artistic works will be shared with local audience in the format of work-in-progress presentation on 17th September 2019.

Business Module

Business Module will expand the fundraising focus topic initiated during the Galway Lab session. However, the Rijeka Lab will switch the perspective from the supply to the demand side. Inside of the Business Module participants will work on the process of developing an effective and competitive grant proposal and facing financial and managerial challenges after successful grant application. Experienced business experts will identify at least 5 follow-up cooperation projects among the Make a Move Art Incubator participants.

Audience Development element

The element of Audience Development will be interwoven in both modules in accordance with more audience-centric perspective within small cultural organisations and among independent artists, addressing relations between artists and audiences in the context of site-specific performances. Through facilitated talks participants will have an opportunity to share their views on how they understand, approach and experience audiences in their artistic practice: (1) Levels of Engaging with the Audiences (2) Challenges of Managing Audiences in Non-conventional Theatre Spaces. This approach looks at audience development as multifaceted strategy that includes different aspects of any cultural work/organisation: marketing, promotion, programming, education etc.



Resident artists: Julianna Bloodgood (Wrocław), Miguel Bonneville (Teatro Do Silencio, Lisbon), Anne Corte (Paris), Joannes Lederhaas (Workinglifebalance Ltd., Graz), James Riordan (Galway), Rodrigo Pardo (Marseille), Nicole Pschetz (Poulpe Electrique, Arcueil), Dmitri Rekatchevski (Paris), Sanna Karoliina Toivanen (ToTum TeaTre, Barcelona), Janaina Tupan (Platform 88, Montpellier).

Local and regional artists: Sendi Bakotić (Rijeka), Andrea Crnković (Rijeka), Maja Kalafatić (Celje/Beograd), Nika Korenjak (Ljubljana/Zagreb), Iva Korbar (Zagreb), Maja Kovač (Zagreb), Frane Meden (Pula), Uroš Mladenović (Novi Sad), Kristina Paunovski (Rijeka), Miljena Vučković (Novi Sad).

Invited artistic collaborators:
Fernanda Branco – Oslo based performer working in natural environments
Monica Giacomin – London based movement educator, therapist and a movement artist
Ivana Golob – Rijeka based art historian with special interest on industrial heritage
Enver Krivac – Rijeka based musician, writer and collaborator with local contemporary theatre makers
Nina Majcan Šprajc – Location manager
Lorin Zović (G.I.S. Produkcija) – Rijeka based light and sound technician

Business experts:
Barbara Rovere –  Cultural Fundraiser with an excellent track-record in securing project grant financing from the Creative Europe program
Adam Jeanes – Senior Relationship Manager of Arts Council England

Internal Evaluators: Lia Contiu (Targu-Mures), Anda Cadariu (Targu-Mures), Alessandra Troncone (Naples)
External Evaluators: Cristina Da Milano (Rome), Darko Lukić (Zagreb)

Artstic Director
Ivana Peranic – independent theatre maker from Rijeka and Make a Move project leader and manager.