The informal education of primary and secondary school teachers in the field of media and film culture

The Rijeka Media Literacy Days programme has the immediate aim to improve the knowledge of film amongst primary and secondary school teachers via informal education and training, however, the programme is also intended for all of those who are involved in film or who are interested in the medium of film and want to improve their knowledge of this field.

The Rijeka Media Literacy Days consists of lectures and practical exercises on the subject of film and media culture in primary and secondary schools.

Dječja kuća Riječki dani medijske pismenosti_autor Romano Perić (1)

The programme seeks to increase the capacities of teachers in schools in the field of media culture, primarily film, and to point to the fact that film can very well find its place in teaching either as a teaching means or as independent teaching material. At the same time this activity is linked to Travelling film workshops, a programme which is running in some of Rijeka’s primary schools, because teachers also gain practical knowledge about filmmaking which they can later apply in schools through various forms of extracurricular school activities.