A puppet show about human vanity by the Rijeka Puppet Theatre in a co-production with Maribor Puppet Theatre.

Like many of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales and stories, this story about an emperor who due to his own stupidity believed liars and thieves, is still relevant today, and its story quality is one of the best foundations of a puppet show for children.

Carevo novo ruho Tanja Kanazir

The essence of The Emperor’s New Clothes is not only in the child’s honesty and truthfulness, who is marvellously immune to the corruption of adults, but in the recognition of the fact that the fabric of words, with which we cover our own fears, cannot protect us from them. The famous quote “The Emperor is naked!” belongs to this tale which in a contemporary way using modern technology speaks about human vanity as well as the fear of the truth and about wisdom, stupidity, craftiness, naivety and inability.

The performance is set by director Zoran Petrovič as an original project in which he works with a mixed Croatian and Slovenian writing and acting team.