From 16-19 November 2020, we will meet online to explore the important role museums play in translating the complex to the digestible.

The 28th annual conference of the Network of European Museum Organisations NEMO is being held with the aim of reaching conclusions about important themes for European museums, the exchange of expertise, connecting and networking.

NEMO is an independent network of national museum organisations that represents museum communities in the Council of Europe. Some of its aims are: helping museums in the fulfilling of their role of guardians of cultural heritage by promoting their importance to European policymakers, the networking and participation of European museums and their encouragement to participate in existing European cultural policies. NEMO argues that museums are key players in the preservation of cultural heritage and that they play a central role on the way to a better understanding inside Europe.

The focus of the network is on four key strategic areas, and they are: the value of a collection, sociological, educational and economic values. NEMO believes that it is of crucial importance to support European museums in their effort to embrace and use their potential in the digital direction and to develop their organisational capacities in all four of the strategic areas.

As part of the NEMO conference, and in collaboration with the international organisation the International Association of Children in Museums, with the organisers Hands On International, the ceremonial award procedure of the prestigious global Children in Museums Award is also to be held in Rijeka.