A therapeutic park for the users of the Clinical Hospital Centre (KBC) Rijeka and the local population.

The main park of the Clinical Hospital Centre, in the very centre of the city of Rijeka, has been selected as a green area for the first therapeutic park in Rijeka. The project is being led under the artistic, architectural and landscaping leadership of Daniel Winterbottom

This unique project enables the connecting and socialising of people who use the services of the hospital, the staff who work there and the wider community. The design and construction of the park brought together experts from urban planning, architects, volunteers, the users of the centre and people of Rijeka.

The therapeutic park is an indispensable green oasis, a place for socialising and an innovative point in which culture, the inclusion of the citizens, the improvement of the city, the care for the communal and valuable legacy of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project are combined.