The meeting of Latin American and Rijeka-based female cultural workers with a focus on rethinking the patriarchal regime.

The idea for the meeting between the female cultural workers from the Una Escena Propia collective and the ones from Rijeka’s cultural milieu comes from the Latin American experience of a society transformed by frequent protests by women, lesbians, transvestites, persons of trans and non-binary identities and the experience gained over the past few years during which Una Escena Propia has contributed to these changes. 

 Taking into account the full potential of the performing arts, especially the one implying the fact of a shared experience, “here and now”, Una Escena Propia is also preparing four smaller theatre productions and establish a union of life and art, the personal and the political. The act of bringing different collectives together creates a horizontal and cooperative encounter of experiences and knowledge, discusses the patriarchal logic inscribed in our cultures and establishes strategies of solidarity and struggle. Various artistic productions, performances and activities rethink the frameworks of feminist activity and create the network of knowledge and experiences that bring into question the methods of production installed by the neoliberal and patriarchal logic. Feminism calls for the questioning of the patriarchal regime that permeates all our cultures and prescribes the models of knowledge dispersion: verticality, power, inequality, visibility and the politics of invisibility. The project also aims to contribute to the establishment of feminist groups that will continue to serve as ongoing platforms in their respective communities.