An exhibition of video installations which brings together the work of the famous Belgian group Needcompany.

Through seven video installations, the exhibition brings together the work of the well-known Belgian Needcompanygroup and serves as a link between the performances and the accompanying events that make up the Needcompany festival programme.

Grace Ellen Barkey is the co-founder of the Needcompany arts group, and her field of activity is on the border of theatre, dance, performance and the arts. Lot Lemm has been a member of the Needcompany Group since 1993 and works as an artist, set designer and costume designer. This artistic duo work as Lemm & Barkey.

Crafts – porcelain making, knitting and crocheting – play an important role in their artistic work. The materials that pass through Lemm & Barkey’s hands are handled in an almost ruthlessly hysterical manner and turned into something monumental. The story that began with the materials has burst at the seams and formed something bigger. Porcelain objects become parts of the body and even a link between the bodies. What is more meaningless than a handmade teapot – which you can’t drink tea from? A porcelain bra is unbearable. And is the teddy bear part of child’s play or is it a transgressive dream? If they knew the answers, they wouldn’t create these items.