Rijeka ECoC in Numbers

ECoC is the pride of the city
Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture is a project with which Rijeka desires to primarily improve the scope and variety of the city’s cultural offer, expand accessibility and participation in culture, build capacities in the culture sector and its ties to other sectors, and improve international visibility as well as the city’s and region’s profile.
  • 1.000 cultural events
  • 450 events by 2020
  • 50 events in 2021
  • 105 tourist attractions
  • 27.200m2 of new cultural infrastructure
  • 300 partners
  • 100 empowered local communities and civil initiatives
  • 1.000 volunteers


We are involving the entire community in programme preparations, we want it to be based on the cooperation of the entire cultural sector, but also other sectors and participants in the city, region and beyond. Our programme must re-examine cultural, social and economic challenges that contemporary Europe and the world currently face, and it must show that the benefits of culture are an important part of sustainable development.

The road so far

  • Second of three monitorings by Panel of experts and European Commission representative successfully completed
  • Project implementation agency founded (RIJEKA 2020 LLC)
  • Base project team formed (18 people employed so far)
  • EU funds secured for infrastructural projects (Tourism and Cultural Heritage; Urban Agglomeration Rijeka – ITU mechanism)
  • 17 preparatory and programme projects applied to EU funds and programmes, valued at 3 million Euros
  • Over 90 partnerships confirmed
  • 14 education programmes for 120 participants held (workshops, seminars, professional trainings in Rijeka and abroad)
  • 74 separate cultural events held (pilot projects) as part of 12 programmes
  • Over 10 presentations held abroad (Vienna, Novi Sad, Munich, Paris, Maribor, Trieste, Budapest, Aarhus, Leeuwarden, Tokyo, Kawasaki…)
  • Over 200 media articles published about Rijeka 2020


Implementation phases
06/2016 – 06/2018: mapping and positioning
07/2018 – 12/2019: production and communication
02/2020 – 02/2021: ECoC year – celebration
2021 and beyond: evaluation and legacy

Planned IncomeSource
10,000.000 €
State budget
10,327.000 €
City of Rijeka budget
Primorje-Gorski Kotar budget
EU funds applications and programmes
1.000.000 €
Other sources
30,327.000 €TOTAL
ItemPlanned Expenses
Programme23,185.051 €
Promotion and marketing3,812.269 €
Management, administration, other3,329.680 €