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Watch out for the brick

Even though it may seem that we have slowed down (or stopped working altogether) after the initial euphoria and enthusiasm, the Rijeka 2020 project is moving on quietly and steadfastly.


We are trying to retain the dynamics of our work and start with the financial preparation and realization of objectives of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project, establish a stable organisational structure, continue with our promotional activities, expand and strengthen our partnership network…

Since being recommended for the European Capital of Culture title (just a reminder, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia still hasn’t formally announced the results), we have visited various events and conferences all around Europe to peddle our project.

We paid special attention to the Croatian performance at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, which we joined as a part of an exhibition (reconstruction of the H-facility of the Ben?i? complex) and presented our #brickspotting promotional action, which serves as an introduction to the Brick House programme.

The previous month saw the first cooperation of the Ben?i? Youth Council and the Rijeka City Library, and soon you will also be able to play an online game based on the Brick House, designed as a part of the 2020 ECOC  participation at the International Conference on Excellence and Innovation in Education and Psychology.

Together with the Cultural Studies Department we met with history students from Regensburg to discuss the programme line Seasons of Power, their vision of Rijeka and its history. We also discussed the #brickspotting action; as a parting gift they were given stickers and brickmarkers to show support by marking bricks in their own city.

You can get #brickspotting stickers and brickmarkers in RiInfo. Join us in brickspotting and send us your photos. You can send them any way you want, from using carrier pigeons to electronic novelties.

Photo: Stephany Stefan, Maja Bosni?, Jelena Tondini

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