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ic-date-accent 11 - 12/7
27 Neighbourhoods

Gomirje Accordion Mundial 2020 – Gomirje neighbourhood

Music and gastronomy are the best media for getting to know different cultures. Therefore the festival in Gomirje, the place of the westernmost Orthodox monastery, is not only a festival of world music but is also a festival of global culture.

ic-date-accent 18/7
27 Neighbourhoods

Wind Celebration – Unije Neighbourhood

Wind Celebration is a festival of flying kites made of recycled objects and a constant reminder of the coexistence of man with nature, the energy of the wind, its power and the possibilities of its use.

ic-date-accent 29/7
27 Neighbourhoods

Novi Vinodolski Summer Buzz – Novi Vinodolski neighbourhood

When there’s a buzz it means it’s good. Lively. Happy. Loud. Particularly in summer. Summer without a buzz is not summer. The Novi Vinodolski Summer Buzz is an atmosphere with music, art and walks through Novi Vinodolski, filled with unusual activities.

ic-date-accent 7 - 9/8
27 Neighbourhoods

The Happy Village Kuti – Kuti neighbourhood

In 1936 in a small village of thirty houses in the north of Gorski Kotar some progressive local people gathered together to hear a new idea from the handsome Anton Burić. They founded the Croatian reading room and brought an initial collection of books from donations across Croatia and overseas countries.

ic-date-accent 27/8
27 Neighbourhoods

In Search of the Heart of Kostrena – Kostrena Neighbourhood

A unique and unrepeatable story is told on the basis of the memories of Kostrena’s seamen and their families, as well as a reference to the transitional moments, property issues and the creation of a Seamen’s House.