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27 Neighbourhoods

Save Endangered Languages! – Kastav neighbourhood

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is a region of exceptional linguistic dialects and idioms. One of them is Kastav Chakavian which is spoken by fewer and fewer people today. The linguistic micro-location of the Kastav area is the starting point in the building of a European platform that connects themes linked to endangered languages.

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27 Neighbourhoods

Border District – Drenova neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of Drenova is always bringing together cultural and curious people with new contents and at the same time acts as a local coworking space, a place of residence, the exchange of ideas and experiments.

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27 Neighbourhoods

OKiZA – Culture and Green Activism in Opatija – Opatija neighbourhood

Opatija provokes a longing for times past. Opatija could actually exist without people because in its perfect depictions, there are no people living there, only those famous ones who once visited it. From these memories it is worth moving onto the subject of the consequences of the tourist-consumer industrial invasion, specifically – the ecological disposal…

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27 Neighbourhoods

Spin the Wheel! – Vrbnik Neighbourhood

When we remember Vrbnik the melody of an old song about the girls from the town above the sea come to mind… Of course, Vrbnik is much more than that, and the people of Vrbnik show us that in their programme. In a circle of togetherness and good vibrations old and new spin, tradition and…

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Tancaj 2020 – Krk neighbourhood

Tancaj 2020 – is a new, fresh, unusual and fun dance festival in which young and old, local people and guests, professionals and amateurs dance in the streets, squares, beaches and all the possible and impossible places in the town of Krk. From folklore to Movementality!

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27 Neighbourhoods

Brod on Different Cultures – Brod na Kupi Neighbourhood

Brod na Kupi is wild nature, a river and forest, and there is a border crossing hidden in the wilderness. The border zone is a specific form of a coexistence of neighbours, in this case, Brod na Kupi and Petrina who share administrate formalities such as Schengen and political views about the migrant crisis.

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27 Neighbourhoods

Škurinje – Culture with a View – Škurinje neighbourhood

The city neighbourhood of Škurinje was mostly built at the end of the 1970s and at the beginning of the 1980s, however, the people of Rijeka still call it the “new settlement.” A neighbourhood like Škurinje is free of the tension of the centre, although in recent years it has become a synonym for consumerism…

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27 Neighbourhoods

The Centre of the Universe – Turnić-Mlaka neighbourhood

Čandek street, urban legends, punk, industry, alternative, technical culture, radio waves, the ISS - International Space Station, solar energy, sounds of space, NASA, MIT laboratory, innovators, urban salt works, graffiti, the INA refinery… all of these are common denominators of the Turnić-Mlaka neighbourhood.