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ic-date-accent 2 - 5/3
27 Neighbourhoods

Camp(with) Us – Campus Neighbourhood

The University Campus programme is a unique example of a contemporary university campus of culture, with which connections with the community and the city are established. The academic community is an indispensable factor in the building of a new paradigm of the city of Rijeka. Get to know the Campus via the Open House activities…

ic-date-accent 19 - 22/3
27 Neighbourhoods

Lousiana’s Secrets – Delnice Neighbourhood

Lousiana’s Secrets is a story about a road which has lost its purpose. History speaks about an important traffic route, the present about the loss of identity without perspective, and the future about the city that wants to keep its inhabitants.

ic-date-accent 2 - 4/4
27 Neighbourhoods

In Search of the Heart of Kostrena – Kostrena Neighbourhood

A unique and unrepeatable story is told on the basis of the memories of Kostrena’s seamen and their families, as well as a reference to the transitional moments, property issues and the creation of a Seamen’s House.

ic-date-accent 17 - 19/4
27 Neighbourhoods

Rab Archaeological (T)races – Rab neighbourhood

In a walk around Rab, the distant past becomes visible, tangible and imaginable, and the life of a Roman province a comparative reality. Who to contact when you find a fragment of a Roman mosaic in the garden and realise that the whole of the island is an archaeological site?!

ic-date-accent 23 - 26/4
27 Neighbourhoods

The Museum of Winter – Mrkopalj neighbourhood

The Museum of Winter is a museum of stories and narration, and its exhibits become the peace and silence of Mrkopalj in the time of heavy snow when the fireplaces come alive and the household spirits appear. But it also worries that Mrkopalj is disappearing as the highland winters disappear!

ic-date-accent 6 - 9/5
27 Neighbourhoods

Together in Diversity – Pehlin neighbourhood

Pehlin, a neighbourhood in Rijeka with a long history of being on the periphery, is today most recognisable as a multicultural community. Along with the Croatian population, also living here fostering their own cultural specificities are Roma and Czech communities as well as other communities. There are also many carnival groups working in Pehlin, and…

ic-date-accent 14 - 17/5
27 Neighbourhoods

The Centre of the Universe – Turnić-Mlaka neighbourhood

Čandek street, urban legends, punk, industry, alternative, technical culture, radio waves, the ISS - International Space Station, solar energy, sounds of space, NASA, MIT laboratory, innovators, urban salt works, graffiti, the INA refinery… all of these are common denominators of the Turnić-Mlaka neighbourhood.

ic-date-accent 21 - 24/5
27 Neighbourhoods

Salty Culture – Malinska neighbourhood

The sea is the reason why young people are staying in the neighbourhood of Malinska. Salty Culture speaks about salt – the seasoning without which everything is tasteless, as well as about the sea as a great love and the spice of life.

ic-date-accent 28 - 31/5
27 Neighbourhoods

Tancaj 2020 – Krk neighbourhood

Tancaj 2020 – is a new, fresh, unusual and fun dance festival in which young and old, local people and guests, professionals and amateurs dance in the streets, squares, beaches and all the possible and impossible places in the town of Krk. From folklore to Movementality!

ic-date-accent 4 - 6/6
27 Neighbourhoods

Brod on Different Cultures – Brod na Kupi Neighbourhood

Brod na Kupi is wild nature, a river and forest, and there is a border crossing hidden in the wilderness. The border zone is a specific form of a coexistence of neighbours, in this case, Brod na Kupi and Petrina who share administrate formalities such as Schengen and political views about the migrant crisis.

ic-date-accent 11 - 14/6
27 Neighbourhoods

Škurinje – Culture with a View – Škurinje neighbourhood

The city neighbourhood of Škurinje was mostly built at the end of the 1970s and at the beginning of the 1980s, however, the people of Rijeka still call it the “new settlement.” A neighbourhood like Škurinje is free of the tension of the centre, although in recent years it has become a synonym for consumerism…

ic-date-accent 18 - 21/6
27 Neighbourhoods

I’ll turn you into a laurel tree! – Lovran neighbourhood

With the words I’ll turn you into a laurel tree!, like a magic formula spoken to visitors, the neighbourhood of Lovran introduces us to a programme in which toponyms and anthroponyms, nature and community are thematically touched upon.