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Event archive

ic-date-accent 27/3

POSTPONED! Roundtable – 3rd shift

A roundtable deals with the consideration of concrete artistic interventions of the 3rdshift project and the relationship of the concepts body, work, beauty and woman.

ic-date-accent 21/3
Programme Plus

POSTPONED! Adams, Beethoven, Shostakovich no. 12

The Croatian premiere of a composition by the American composer Adams, Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 12 dedicated to Lenin.

ic-date-accent 19 - 22/3
27 Neighbourhoods

POSTPONED! Lousiana’s Secrets – Delnice Neighbourhood

Lousiana’s Secrets is a story about a road which has lost its purpose. History speaks about an important traffic route, the present about the loss of identity without perspective, and the future about the city that wants to keep its inhabitants.

ic-date-accent 18/3
Times of Power

Vježbanje života – drugi put – Marin Blažević (HR) u suradnji s Frankom Perković (HR) i Goranom Ferčecem (HR)

U dijalogu s predstavom Nedjeljka Fabrija i Darka Gašparovića u režiji Georgija Para u suradnji s Frankom Perković i Goranom Ferčecem.

ic-date-accent 13/3
Programme Plus

POSTPONED! Evening of Harmony – 6th concert in the Memory of Linda Žeželić – Žerovnik

On March 13th young musicians from Rijeka Juraj Marko, Matej and Monika Žerovnik with guests will present a concert commemorating the early passing of Linda Žeželić-Žerovnik, a professor from the Rijeka music school. The concert will take place in Circolo (The Building of the Italian Community of Rijeka – Comunità degli Italiani di Fiume) and…

ic-date-accent 11 - 13/3
Cultural Diplomacy

POSTPONED! Heritage Conference 2020: The role of cultural heritage in socioeconomic development and the preservation of democratic values

A conference about the central issues which influence the future of research and development in social and humanistic sciences with the emphasis on the field of cultural heritage.

ic-date-accent 6/3
Times of Power

Forever – Grace Ellen Barkey / Needcompany (BE)

The score of Mahler’s song Der Abschied set as choreography which speaks of a man's struggle with mortality in contrast with eternal nature.

ic-date-accent 5 - 7/3
Children’s House

Rain – Vanja Jovanović (HR)

A poetic puppet story about peer violence and disorientation in the expressing of emotions in the process of growing up.

ic-date-accent 3 - 4/3
Times of Power

All the Good – Jan Lauwers / Needcompany (BE)

The performance All the Good speaks about loss and hope. It is a love story in the time when Europe is sacrificing values, and a large group of people are subject to hatred and intolerance. It is a story about a family of artists with everyday worries and ever-present death, which equally mercilessly intrudes both…

ic-date-accent 2 - 5/3
27 Neighbourhoods

Camp(with) Us – Campus Neighbourhood

The University Campus programme is a unique example of a contemporary university campus of culture, with which connections with the community and the city are established. The academic community is an indispensable factor in the building of a new paradigm of the city of Rijeka. Get to know the Campus via the Open House activities…

ic-date-accent 29/2
Times of Power

Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way – Maarten Seghers / Needcompany (BE)

Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way is a show about effort. About the effort which is indispensable.

ic-date-accent 29/2 - 6/3
Times of Power

18 videos – Lemm & Barkey (BE)

An exhibition of video installations which brings together the work of the famous Belgian group Needcompany.