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ic-date-accent 14/7 - 14/10
Programme Plus

Unknown Klimt – Love, death, ecstasy

A unique exhibition exclusively exhibits the early works of one of the most famous artists of all time, and for the first time, the public are also able to see up close his paintings made for Rijeka’s theatre as well as many other works.

ic-date-accent 15 - 19/9
Programme Plus

Ville Matvejeff and Friends

Maestro Ville Matvejeff gathers together some of his closest collaborators to launch a new international festival of chamber music.

ic-date-accent 16 - 18/9
Programme Plus

Film Fair – Rijeka 2020

A three-day gathering of national and international cinema exhibitors.

ic-date-accent 18/9
Programme Plus

Gala concert: Karita Mattila (FI)

The Karita Mattila Gala Concert represents a special opportunity for all opera lovers to enjoy one of the greatest opera prima donnas of recent decades.

ic-date-accent 21 - 25/9
Programme Plus

ADESTE+ Conference About Audience Development in Rijeka

A gathering of experts in the field of audience development from all over Europe.

ic-date-accent 10/10
ic-date-accent 15/10 - 20/12
Programme Plus

The Moving Image is Alive

A retrospective exhibition dedicated to the neo-avant-garde artist Nan Hoover and her pioneer work in the field of new media art.

ic-date-accent 19 - 26/10
Programme Plus

EAVE Workshop for Producers

A training programme for filmmakers that brings together more than 100 experts in the European audiovisual industry.

ic-date-accent 2/11
Programme Plus

Gala concert: Elina Garanča (LV)

For the first time one of today’s greatest opera stars of modern times is performing in Rijeka, the Latvian mezzo-soprano to whom the doors to the world’s operatic stages have opened.

ic-date-accent 1/1
Programme Plus

An Opera After Kamov – Zoran Juranić (HR)

The first Croatian opera with a musical text by Janko Polić Kamov.