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ic-date-accent 20/9 - 1/10
Kitchen of Diversity

Days of the Discarded

A sales exhibition of restored waste items, expertly led workshops and short, inspirational lectures in the form of TED Talks are part of the programme of Days of the Discarded by which the transformative power of art in the work with discarded items and discarded communities is demonstrated.

ic-date-accent 26 - 29/9
Kitchen of Diversity

Unreal Cities – Site-Specific Contemporary Theatre Practices

International and local independent theatre artists take the audience on a journey and guide them from location to location, giving them a new perspective of the city.

ic-date-accent 1 - 3/10
Kitchen of Diversity

Porto Etno – the Festival of World Music and Gastronomy 2020

This year, the fourth annual Porto Etno Festival will once again live up to its nomadic reputation with completely new locations – from 1 to 3 October, the Croatian House of Culture in Sušak, the Neboder Hotel terrace, and the square outside the School of Construction, will be the venues for meetings, music, and great…

ic-date-accent 15 - 17/10
Kitchen of Diversity

Smoqua – Festival of Feminist and Queer Culture 2020: Semo Qua*

The Smoqua international Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture is presented by a combination of an artistic, activist and fun programme and carries the theme Semo Qua in the local Fiuman dialect meaning Here we are.

ic-date-accent 27 - 28/10
Kitchen of Diversity

TranziT – The European Festival of Contemporary Theatre Practices

Rijeka has a new festival in August: TranziT – The European Festival of Contemporary Theatre Practices promotes European and Croatian independent performance artists and small non-institutional theatres with a programme that comprises works attuned to contemporary audiences and to the current social and technological context.