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ic-date-accent 26/6 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

By the Mill – Davor Sanvincenti (HR)

An artistic intervention – a pavilion of local chestnut wood and stone on the trail that connects the sea and the mountain.

ic-date-accent 3/7 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Strokes and Incisions – Sofie Thorsen (DK/AT)

An artistic intervention in the form of stone structure which becomes a gathering place in the small park next to the bocce court.

ic-date-accent 10/7 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Masters – Pavel Mrkus (CZ)

Digital images and a sound composition flow, like the waves of the sea, over the voices of sellers and buyers.

ic-date-accent 18/7 - 31/12
ic-date-accent 24/7 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Lacing Svežanj – Numen/For Use

A design for the beach, for all the people.

ic-date-accent 1/9 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Argonaut – Harumi Yukutake (JP)

An installation of local materials and glass in the park located near the ferry port.

ic-date-accent 1/9 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

1857 – Jiří Kovanda (CZ) and Lautus – Nika Laginja (HR)

The relationship between nature and society, the relationship of two art installations - below and above the sea.

ic-date-accent 17/10 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Drops – Smiljan Radić and Marcela Correa (CL)

A charismatic place where outstanding anonymous works of old architecture (sheepfolds - mrgari) come to life with a contemporary artistic intervention.