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ic-date-accent 31/1 - 20/4
Programme Plus

With the Collection – David Maljković (HR)

An exhibition which transforms the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art into a live collective body by exhibiting it with numerous interactions, with people and events.

ic-date-accent 1/2
Programme Plus

Opening of the European Capital of Culture – Opera Industriale in Rijeka’s port

In the opening programme Rijeka pays tribute to the workers, to the avant-garde and to the tradition of the region which surrounds it and at the same time recalls the fundamental social values on which modern Europe was built

ic-date-accent 23/2
Programme Plus

International Carnival Parade 2020

A special version of the International Carnival Parade brings carnival groups to Rijeka from other cities – the European Capitals of Culture.

ic-date-accent 14/7 - 14/11
Programme Plus

Unknown Klimt – Love, death, ecstasy

A unique exhibition exclusively exhibits the early works of one of the most famous artists of all time, and for the first time, the public are also able to see up close his paintings made for Rijeka’s theatre as well as many other works.

ic-date-accent 15/10 - 20/12
Programme Plus

The Moving Image is Alive

A retrospective exhibition dedicated to the neo-avant-garde artist Nan Hoover and her pioneer work in the field of new media art.

ic-date-accent 2/11
Programme Plus

Gala concert: Elina Garanča (LV)

For the first time one of today’s greatest opera stars of modern times is performing in Rijeka, the Latvian mezzo-soprano to whom the doors to the world’s operatic stages have opened.