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ic-date-accent 2/7 - 31/8
Sweet & Salt

Ebriphon – Christine Hinterkörner and Patrik Huber (AT)

A sound installation is placed on Molo Longo and delivers a symphony which was previously recorded and performed in Bakar.

ic-date-accent 23/7 - 31/12
Children’s House, Sweet & Salt

Balthazar’s Uragan Boat – Benussi & the Fish – Dorja Benussi (HR) and Ivan Benussi (RS)

We’re turning the old boat Uragan into a children’s playground with a view of Balthazartown!

ic-date-accent 26/8
Sweet & Salt

Future Architecture Platform – The Publishing School

What do architectural education, the production of knowledge, the study of potential collaborations and the methods of transversal pedagogy within architectural education look like?

ic-date-accent 27/8 - 31/10
Sweet & Salt

Fiume Fantastika: Phenomena of the City

The multimedia Fiume Fantastika exhibition interprets the modern history of the dramatic urban development of Rijeka and the region by following the overlapping of social and architectural projects. Based on many years of research, the exhibition follows 150 years of the urban history of Rijeka during which the city has experienced radical growth and become…

ic-date-accent 28 - 31/1
Sweet & Salt

S&S Sum-Up

Hundreds of associates and partners in the Sweet & Salt flagship describe their experiences at the conference and try to predict the possible futures of post-industrial Rijeka.