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ic-date-accent 29/1 - 31/1
Times of Power

Environment of Remembrance – Art as a Resistance to Repression

The works of selected artists, who produced their artworks as a reaction to what they had seen following a visit to the camp on Goli Otok, will be presented on large posters throughout Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

ic-date-accent 29/2 - 31/12
Times of Power

A Skyscraper for Birds – Vladimir Perić Talent (RS)

A new building in a residential district. Superb design, elegant and functional apartments. Close to the sea. All birds are welcome, regardless of species and marital status.

ic-date-accent 27/3 - 17/5

POSTPONED! Do Plants have Dreams about the Future? – Igor Eškinja (HR)

The artist transformed the samples of plants from abandoned industrial spaces into design patterns to create a new space, telling a story about the plants that live in manmade spaces made possible for life by his absence.

ic-date-accent 1/4 - 31/10
Green Wave

POSTPONED! Pulsations – Put your Ear to the Tree! – Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre (FR) and Anaïs met den Ancxt (FR)

Contact with a tree trunk lets visitors hear and feel the sounds and vibrations of their heartbeats.

ic-date-accent 1/4 - 31/12
Times of Power

POSTPONED! Rijeka of Murals – Eron (IT)

Aim: to embody the spirit of the place

ic-date-accent 17 - 19/4
27 Neighbourhoods

Rab Archaeological (T)races – Rab neighbourhood

In a walk around Rab, the distant past becomes visible, tangible and imaginable, and the life of a Roman province a comparative reality. Who to contact when you find a fragment of a Roman mosaic in the garden and realise that the whole of the island is an archaeological site?!

ic-date-accent 17/4 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

Masters – Pavel Mrkus (CZ)

Digital images and a sound composition flow, like the waves of the sea, over the voices of sellers and buyers.

ic-date-accent 18/4 - 31/10
Sweet & Salt

City in the Clouds – The Terraces of the Skyscrapers at Kozala

The roofs of skyscrapers are becoming gardens for herbs, spaces for birthday parties or even a place for literary evenings and other cultural events. The newly-formed spaces are principally spaces for a new form of coexistence for all the residents of the tower blocks, although at specific times they will also open to the interested…

ic-date-accent 18/4
Sweet & Salt

Yugo Yoga – The Path Towards Socialist Self-Realisation – Lara Ritoša Roberts (HR / UK)

The exercise of remembering political experiences and the visual legacy of the collective past.

ic-date-accent 22/4 - 31/12
Sweet & Salt

Rijeka of Murals – Escif (ES)

The social and economic texture of the city is sealed in Rijeka's urban fabric.

ic-date-accent 24/4 - 31/12
Lungomare Art

By the Mill – Davor Sanvincenti (HR)

An artistic intervention – a pavilion of local chestnut wood and stone on the trail that connects the sea and the mountain.