Multimedia exhibition: work and a woman’s appearance.

The traditional two shifts of woman’s work, paid and unpaid, are to a great extent still recognisable models of the functioning of women in the context of the phenomenon of work. In the project, the syntagm “third shift” is used as a name for the repairing of the female body, with the work on herself so that a woman brings herself to the ideal beautiful one according to society’s imposed image of being female. 3rdshift refers to two segments of women’s work and connects the idea of work and that of free time, but more important than that, in its seemingly frivolous role to the specific methods it influences the working aspects of women’s lives.

Within the project, several months of field research were conducted in Rijeka beauty salons where about 60 salon users were interviewed. On the basis of the collected material, a multimedia exhibition is created of which an integral part is a publication that simulates a women’s magazine.