A cultural programme to commemorate the 75thanniversary of Rijeka Liberation Day which celebrates the memory of one of the most difficult World War II liberation battles in this part of Europe

The Liberated Rijeka programme commemorates the 75th anniversary of Rijeka Liberation Day (3rd May 1945) and keeps alive the memory of the sacrifice of Yugoslav Partisan fighters and one of the most difficult World War II liberation battles in this part of Europe.

This is an international cultural programme centred on the topic of anti-fascism — the fundamental international value of a united Europe. The programme begins with the opening of the exhibition of contemporary Croatian artists, Kad spomenici ožive/Refreshing Memory, curated by Davorka Perić (HR). The exhibition deals with anti-fascist monuments and artistic and scientific practices of preserving their dignity with the aim to problematise revisionism and the normalisation of fascism in a crisis-stricken capitalist society. The concert of local, regional and international choirs once again brings to the fore the rich heritage of partisan, anti-fascist, revolutionary and libertarian songs, as well as different practices of activist self-organisation. The discursive programme reveals the forms and effects of modern fascism and provides strategies of resistance. All of this is spiced up with a public cooking event titled Working-Class Food for the Civic Palate.