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New CEO of Rijeka 2020 – Mrs Irena Kregar Šegota

Rijeka 2020 Company is undergoing a reorganization of functions at managerial level. At her own request, Mrs Emina Visnic was relieved of her post as company’s CEO, and Mrs Irena Kregar Segota is the newly appointed CEO.

Emina Visnic requested her dismissal as CEO of Rijeka 2020 after completing the demanding process of redefining the company’s programme and budget, believing that under new (post-Covid-19) ECOC project circumstances she should personally and more intensely devote herself to the operational management of programmes. Expressing pride in all that has been done so far by joint efforts of all concerned and involved, Mrs Visnic specifically highlighted the Project Opening Ceremony that she personally led and added:

“Although faced with this misfortune, the world pandemic, I still firmly believe that the ECOC Project has already gained success and that we should use the time ahead to realize as many programmes as possible and appropriately round up the story of the city that has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture and will remain as such.”

Mrs Visnic remains employed by the company and takes over the programmes’ management that go into realization.

The Assembly of the Company has appointed Mrs Irena Kregar Segota as the new CEO based on her knowledge, competences and experience with the ECOC Project that best meet the requirements of this function. We remind, Irena Kregar Segota played a key role from the beginning of the candidacy process for the title of European Capital of Culture, as well as later in all stages of the project implementation. She completed her studies in French and English and literature and was educated abroad in the field of cultural policies and governance in culture. She has a diversity and manifold of professional experience from international relations and project management.

The Cultural and Artistic Programme of the European Capital of Culture, adjusted to the newly created circumstances caused by the Corona, will have about 150 cultural and artistic events organised and implemented by cultural institutions, partner organisations and the Rijeka 2020 Company. A part of the ECOC programme that will be held during June, has already been announced at press conferences and through press releases, such as the Programme of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, the City Puppet Theatre, 27 Neighbourhoods, Green Wave etc.  In addition, a part of the announcements for the programmes to be held in the upcoming summer period is yet to follow, such as exhibitions and music programmes to be held at the Exportdrvo Venue or other programmes of institutions, associations and Rijeka 2020 Company.

Rijeka 2020 Company continues to coordinate the notified programmes of associations that are an integral part of the ECOC and with the organization of programme activities in the environments that build the 27 neighbourhoods. In addition, it continues with the further realization of permanent sculptures in the programme line of Lungomare Art and participating programmes of the Green Wave and Civil Initiatives. Programmes such as the Tobogan Children’s Festival, a part of puppet shows, the Balthazar’s Hurricane, the show Children of the Port, the Balthazar City exhibition, the European Short Stories Festival, The Migrant Day, the Diversity Mixer – an EU project, the 90ties Scars exhibition, and many other originally announced programmes will also be realized.

In addition, by continuing the programme, a part of the employees shall be reinstated into the Rijeka 2020 Company according to the new organization and work plan.  Last week the company has re-employed two members of previous staff, engaged with the 27-neighbourhood programme line. Within this programme line, the presentation of a part of the programme of the Rab neighbourhood has already been organized, and this weekend a programme of the Delnice neighbourhood will be held. Announcements of other programmes of 27 neighbourhoods are yet to be made.

In coming weeks, further earlier Rijeka 2020 employees will be invited back to work. It concerns staff who was previously engaged with organizational activities covering cultural events, production and communication.

In Rijeka, the European Capital of Culture, we expect to have a summer rich in cultural events that will take place in the open and indoor. All programmes will be announced to the public cumulatively and individually through press conferences that will follow and through press releases and announcements.