Revitalisation implies reanimation, revival, and each revitalisation begins with focussing on the problem. In the case of Cres, it concerns the folk architecture and contemporary life which is still framed by it.

Street corners, yards and streets are the starting positions from where a Dialogue with the community begins – meetings, conversations and workshops about conservation and revitalisation, in which people in the profession and community think together about space. The exhibition An Island is defined by its people, photographs of the people of Cres, is spiced up with a klapa song which sung in the old way. Our everyday underwear is a signpost to visitors, and Light at the corner is played by the artistic collective Svetlobna Gverila from Ljubljana (SI) as the main event. In the heart of the old town, you can no longer get lost because Štorije guides you, and in collaboration with the foundation EU-Japan Most is presented in the format of paper architecture. The European dimension is broadened with a collaboration with the Swedish collective Disorder.