When talking about the overall cultural and historical heritage of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County mostly spoken about are historical documents and artefacts such as the literacy woven into the Baška tablet or the Croatian legislation woven into the Vinodol Statute. However, there is one more aspect of heritage which is rarely spoken about, and whose traces we find in the reading rooms, libraries and cultural centres as centres of getting together and socialising, the consolidation and exchange of knowledge and the overall cultural and artistic life of communities throughout history. Such reading rooms were Kastav’s “čitalnica” from 1866, the reading rooms of the municipality of Jelenje, the Croatian reading room of the happy village Kuti and numerous other social centres built during the time of socialism. Through these places the revival spread, the readership movement grew from which educated generations matured. In these places there were cultural events which gathered together members of the community.

Consequently, Living Rooms were come up with, meeting and socialising places which, apart from historical references, also hold a piece of the family home atmosphere in them transferred into the public spaces and in unusual places for the spread of friendships and an atmosphere of solidarity amongst neighbours and guests as new temporary fellow citizens. Each of the Living Room locations is also a central place of information about the neighbourhood itself, the community and the possibilities of involvement in the work, volunteering and/or participation in the activities of the neighbourhood programme. The Living Rooms are places where you can meet neighbours throughout 2020.

The list of locations and working hours: 

Location: Cernik reading room, Trg antifašističkih boraca 1, 51218 Čavle
Time: every day, except weekends, by appointment
Contact: Ivan Salamon, mob: 091 400 66 77, email: info@tz-cavle.hr

Location: 22 local committees of the Municipality of Matulji
Time: various times by appointment
Contact: Đeni Šamanić, mob: 091 952 73 52, email: samanic.deni@gmail.com

University Campus
Location: University of Rijeka, Trg braće Mažuranića 10, 51000 Rijeka
Time: working time of UNIRI is from 8 am to 4 pm
Contact: Kristina Tolić, tel: +385 (0)51 584 861, email: kristina.tolic@uniri.hr

Location: King Tomislav Park, 51300 Delnice
Time: every third Friday of the month
Contact: Petar Hrg, mob: 099 592 27 35, email: tz.delnice@gmail.com

Location: Public reading room in Kostrena; Sveta Lucija 14, 51221, Kostrena Sveta Lucija
Time: Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 9 pm
Contact: Borka Reljac, mob: 091 570 82 11, email: borka.reljac@kostrena.hr

Island of Rab
Location: Archaeological trails of the island of Rab, Town of Raba, 51280 Rab
Time: by appointment
Contact: Tonka Kavran, mob: 099 814 07 12, email: czk@lopar.com

Location: Centre of Culture / Green marketplace, Novi Varoš 1, 51315 Mrkopalj
Time: every Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm, in the summertime from 5 pm to 8 pm
Contact: Goranka Tuhtan, mob: 091 262 61 03, email: tz.mrkopalj@gmail.com;

Location: Centre of Culture Pehlin, Minakovo 30, 51000 Rijeka
Time: from Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm
Contact: Vesna Rudanović, mob: 098 928 99 94, email: mo.pehlin@rijeka.hr

Turnić – Mlaka
Location: Nebeska Gallery – Čandekova 8, tower block
Time: every day by appointment
Contact: Tatjana Ćirić, mob: 091 945 01 63, email: tanya.ciric@yahoo.com

Location: Bocce court of Sveti Vid Miholjice, Sveti Vid 54, 51511 Malinska
Time: summertime from 9 pm, from 1st September and the rest of the year at 7 pm
Contact: Toni Kraljić, mob: 098 946 33 65, email: toni.kraljic@gmail.com

Town of Krk
Location: Bocce courts of the town of Krk, Town of Krk, 51500 Krk
Time: every first Sunday in the month from 11 am to 2 pm
Contact: Luka Adžić Kapitanović, mob: 092 331 94 41, email: lukaak007@gmail.com

Brod na Kupi
Location: Zrinski Castle, Kralja Tomislava 1, 51301 Brod na Kupi
Time: Tuesday – Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm
Contact: Klara Bukovac, mob: 051 629 301, email: klara@prirodoslovni.com;

Location: Hall of the local committee Stan, Save Jugo Bujkove 44, 51000 Rijeka
Time: Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm
Contact: Kristian Benić, mob: 091 782 45 70, email: kilekile@gmail.com

Location: Premises of the Association Interval, Stari Grad 5, 51415 Lovran
Time: by appointment
Contact: Marko Žele, mob: 098 177 50 33, email: asmahram@gmail.com;

Location: Vrbnik Cooperative Centre, Trg Škujica 7, 51516 Vrbnik
Time: Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm, other days by appointment
Contact: Sanja Polonijo, mob: 091 234 50 58, email: info@vrbnik.hr

Location: Gomirje Local Committee, Jove Mamule 17, and the Gomirje Football Club, Jove Stojanovića b.b., 51327 Gomirje
Time: by appointment
Contact: Nikolina Kosanović, mob: 099 788 01 50, email: nikolina.kosanovic@gmail.com

Location: Unije Local Committee, Unije 81/I, 51562 Unije
Time: from 15th July to 15th September from 6 pm to 10 pm; rest of the year: Tuesdays and Saturdays
from 6 pm to 8 pm
Contact: Koraljka Haberle, mob: 091 669 02 67, email: kkoraljka@gmail.com

Novi Vinodolski
Location: Novi Vinodolski public reading room and library, Trg Vinodolskog zakona 1; small hall of the Centre for Culture – Korzo hrvatskih branitelja 2, 51250 Novi Vinodolski
Time: every day by appointment
Contact: Đurđica Krišković, mob: 091 244 22 66, email: muzej.novi.vinodolski@ri.t-com.hr
Barbara Kalanj Butković, m: 091 244 14 13, email: citaonica@novi.tcloud.hr

Gornji Kuti
Location: Croatian reading room of Kuti village, Gornji Kuti 10 a, 51312 Brod Moravice
Time: every second Saturday in the month by appointment
Contact: Gordana Crnković, mob: 091 566 99 83, email: gordana@margor.hr;

Location: Building of the Italian Community, Trg Frane Petrića 14, 51557 Cres
Time: every day from 10 am to 8 pm
Contact: Karmen Surdić Benvin, mob: 098 162 68 80, email: karmen.surdic@cres.hr;

Location: Praputnjak – Post meetings, Praputnjak 101, 51225 Praputnjak
Time: by appointment
Contact: Ivona Miloš, mob: 095 818 96 27, email: ivona.milosh@gmail.com

Location: Reading rooms: Lukeži, Dražice, Podkilavac, Zoretići, Podhum
Time: by appointment
Contact: Jasminka Matrljan, mob: 091 406 09 00, email: turizam@jelenje.hr;

Location: Crikvenica Town Museum, Preradovićeva 1; Dr Ivan Kostrenčić Cultural Centre, Trg Stjepana Radića 3/III; Crikvenica Town Gallery, Strossmayerovo šetalište 21, and the Crikvenica Town Library, Vinidolska 1, 51260 Crikvenica
Time: every day according to the working hours of the institutions
Contact: Tea Rosić, mob: 091 124 11 01, email: kustos@mgc.hr;

Location: Franjo Rački Reading Room, Vrata 31, Fužine 51322
Time: Fridays from 5 pm to 6 pm
Contact: Stanka Lončarić, mob: 091 244 81 45, email: udrugaf.racki@gmail.com;

Location: Tourist Board of the Town of Kastav, Trg Matka Laginje 5, 51215 Kastav
Time: last Thursday in the month from 6 pm to 7 pm
Contact: Ema Harej Čargonja, mob: 099 317 65 49, email: ema.harej.cargonja@kastav.hr;

Location: HUB Drenova, Drenovski put 138 a, 51000 Rijeka
Time: every Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm
Contact: Damir Medved, mob: 091 365 41 37, email: dmr.medved@gmail.com;

Location: Opatija Red Cross Society and Klub 60+, Ulica Joakima Rakovca 15, 51410 Opatija
Time: every Monday from 10 am to 12 pm
Contact: Helena Traub, mob: 051 271 459, email: helena@zmergo.hr;