Brod na Kupi is wild nature, a river and forest, and there is a border crossing hidden in the wilderness. The border zone is a specific form of a coexistence of neighbours, in this case, Brod na Kupi and Petrina who share administrate formalities such as Schengen and political views about the migrant crisis.

The Brod na Kupi neighbourhood initiative is led by a powerful and experienced Rijeka institution – the Natural History Museum of Rijeka through its separate permanent display in the Zrinski Castle where a programme runs throughout the year. Evenings in the Castle in Brod na Kupi consist of popular scientific lectures, exhibitions and film screenings. Growing up with a museum brings the community and the Museum closer with educational birthday celebrations. The Little School of Natural Sciences is intended for 4th-grade primary school pupils, whilst the Little Curators programme educates primary school children about the interpretation of the permanent display in the Museum. The Routes of the Frankopans county project gathers together a wider public offering interpretive walks and an educational programme. As a European neighbourly institutional collaboration, it is expanding into Estonia and the Estonian Museum of Natural History.