The screening of animated films in Rijeka neighbourhoods and other Balthazar sites.

To highlight the connection of Rijeka with Balthazartown, Professor Balthazar is coming to Rijeka’s neighbourhoods. During August and September, a dozen projections of the most interesting episodes of the animated series are being held at ten different places, from Korzo to neighbourhood parks.

The wish is to the show the connectivity with the values that come from the Professor Balthazar series, so that along with the screenings and other features, the children, as well as all other citizens, socialise, get acquainted and share their experiences.

Since the characters in the animated series are presented mostly by their professions (conductor, policeman, lighthouse keeper, watchmaker, baker, postman, confectioner, doctor and so on), as befit the working population of Balthazartownthe opportunity also been organised to get to know the craftsmen and workers of some of the professions which appear in Professor Balthazar alongside the screenings. Children and parents can bring shoes to a cobbler or clothing to a seamstress, to get a haircut or to get their watches repaired. In this way, along with the open-air screening of cartoons, we are reminded of how we socialised and lived in Professor Balthazar’s times. The programme wants to show that Rijeka is Balthazartown where different people meet, with various problems and worries, and that each of us can be Professor Balthazar, by helping our fellow citizens or at least experiencing the world as a place in which there is no distinction between fellow citizens and where imagination, friendship and altruism win.