The Children’s House’s media-creative platform about culture for children and parents

Brickzine is a media-creation platform by the Children’s House for both children and parents, which as a “software” of creative upgrading builds on concrete in the Benčić complex, in the form of an online platform and as a printed publication – the printed publication comes out as a periodical summer and winter edition, while the online version acts as an Internet portal with a daily production of content at

Thematically, Brickzine is a story space ranging from handicrafts to gardening, a guide to the creative fields, the arts, creative education, new technologies and digital culture, and its main premise is to encourage work on something new, different. An important element is the original illustration, which promotes the domestic design and illustration scene and develops a visual culture. Brickzine seeks out points of stability, inspiration, quality guides to good content, stories and ideas. At the same time, Brickzine is an educational platform for younger and undiscovered authors, as well as a space for profiling creative writing for children.

The contents are intended for children, as well as for the key players that influence the development and formation of habits: parents, educators, informal and formal educators, the creators for children.

As part of Brickzine, there is a small editorial board made up of children with which the Benčić Youth Council works. The two main activities carried out through the project are the creation of content for the print and online editions of the magazine by the children, and the creation of an audio version of the magazine. This version of Brickzine was created to popularise reading in children, as well as to provide access to content for blind and partially sighted children and children with reading difficulties.