A show for the youngest audience Oh la la is theatre from a trunk: a game of words, colour and rhythm.

This unique project is designed specifically for the Children’s House programme and its sub-programme Stories from the Roof. In it are combined French, Slovenian and Croatian languages, because it is performed by actors from three co-production houses.

The director Mateja Bizjak Petit, in whose Children’s House in the French town of Tinqueux hosts an extremely interesting festival of poetry and arts for children and young people, opens a dialogue between the poetry, words and melody of different languages, artistry and puppetry.

The show for the youngest audience Oh la la developed in a collaboration with one of the most original and most beloved writers and poets for children Bernard Friot (FR) and the world-famous illustrator Hervé Tullet (FR), also known for his popular picture books for young people, as well as performance reading of books and dynamic workshops for children.

The basis of the show is the fact that all children around the world, regardless of their various cultures and customs, are very similar. Their common element is playing! Play as the best leader in comprehending and getting to know the world. Ours and the one around us. Play is one of the key elements important for the development of a person, their motor and sensory development, intellectual and social development and the development of their language. And theatre is a playground! A place for empathy, participation and non-aggressive communication. Content-wise, the words from the title reflect: Oh – colour / la – word / la – rhythm and make up a collage of a play with colours, words and rhythm. And with as many ideas as possible!