The first rock band in the world in which robots play real instruments live!

Compressorhead is the first rock band in the world in which robots play real instruments live! Although their current home and headquarters are in Berlin, the robot members of the band were made on two different continents, partly from recycled metal parts.

Stickboy was made in 2007 and plays the drums with the help of four hands and two legs, and is recognisable by the unique metal Iroquois and little helper Stickboy Junior who is responsible for the movement of the pedal of the hi-hat cymbal. Their colleague Fingers was built in 2009 and with his two hands and seventy-six fingers he plays a Gibson Flying V guitar. In 2012 the band was joined by the bassist Bones who moves around the stage with the help of caterpillar tracks whilst playing a Fender Precision bass guitar with his two hands and eight fingers.

After a number of joint concerts around the world, the band very quickly became famous for its instrumental covers of cult bands such as Motörhead, AC/DC, Ramones, Pantera and Rage Against The Machine.

In 2017 the band were joined by a 350 kg “singer” Mega-Wattson, made with the help of funds collected from a campaign on the platform Kickstarter. The lead vocal comes from Rob Wright from the legendary Canadian punk-rock band Nomeansno and the Hanson Brothers, who together with his brother John Wright, also a member of these bands, joined the Compressorhead team as musical director and composer in 2014.

In 2017 they issued their first album, Party Machine, on which amongst others, were the original songs Compressorhead, Speed Walking Lady and the instrumental version of My Girlfriend is a Robot which was originally performed by the Hanson Brothers.