The Dopolavoro flagship deals with work and new technologies. Will technological advancement one day lead to a world where machines do all the work and people enjoy abundance and leisure?

Work is Dead, Long Live Work!

Dopolavoro addresses the topics of work and new technologies through exhibitions, theatre and opera, as well as special attractions and an extensive publishing programme.

The Dopolavoro flagship primarily focuses on technologies and new forms of work that did not exist or were not widespread until ten years ago. The nature of work changes continuously under the influence of new technologies, and topics related to work also imply topics related to the state of non-work, free time and leisure, which are covered in cooperation with international artists in the fields of visual, performance and new-media arts.

Can machines be creative, or is this a right that only a human is entitled to?

Dopolavoro focuses on the technology that shapes the occupations of humans and the way they perform work, as well as social relationships, which are reflected in the world of work and technology itself. The basic topics that Dopolavoro covers are the automatization of creative work and new forms of work that deplete the Earth’s natural resources, and it also brings an overview of legally marginal forms of workflow organization. The topics that Dopolavoro tackles are European ones because they touch upon the future of the population of the entire continent and of the world at large.

To summarise, the Dopolavoro programme brings visitors to Rijeka 2020 stories about ports, the sea, pirates, work and workers. By using a variety of media, Briscola and Tresette (Italian card games), exhibitions, robots, plays, symposiums and installations, as well as a few other tricks up its sleeve. This programme will enable Rijeka to open up some brand new topics and provide food for thought on the future of work and technology in a time that is yet to come.

The central programme of Dopolavoro is the large international exhibition The Sea is Glowing, which is devoted to new economies and new forms of work related to the sea. It also features a series of individual exhibitions, plays and events such as ReCallas Medea, a robotic opera, a concert by Compressorhead, a music band consisting of robots, and the attractive interactive robotic installations of the American artist Christian Ristow, an icon of the legendary desert festival Burning man.