An interactive and multichannel video installation which examines the theme of the future of work and business, imagining what a desirable post-work world might look like. The emphasis is not on imagining some distant future, but on an alternative present which is based on that which is already possible today.

In this installation the artist Jennifer Lyn Morone starts from the claim that the accelerated development of technology may have changed the nature of work for some, but has not cleared the way towards a better sustainable life, which a (utopian) promise announced saying that a technological advance would one day lead us to a world in which machines do everything, whilst humans enjoy an abundance of leisure time.

The video installation was created on the basis of the conclusions of the artist’s conservations with experts from the field of technology, politics and science, as well as a collaboration with attendees of imagining workshops for the writing of stories and scenarios about the possible future, i.e. an alternative present of the world of work, which were held in Rijeka in June 2019. The audience is able to participate in the conversation via a live chat room and the exchange of content, whereby the project continues as an open space for the exchange of ideas.

The artist has been dealing with the problematic of the position of the individual in the contemporary world of work for many years. In order to try to provoke the ruling economic and legal system from within, in 2014 she registered herself as a corporation – Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc, of which she is the director, the shareholder and the basic product.